minimalism is officially dead. life is too short to deprive yourself of the joy of surrounding yourself with who and what you love. keeping being weird, keep being groovy, keep being authentically you. remember: you are the main character. so start acting like it

 bear + ivory co is a vintage-groove store for the maximalist soul. we are a store for the people who like to keep shit real, keep shit fun, and most importantly: keep it funky. hi, I'm Brooke, i'm the owner, and i run this shit. my vision for bear + ivory co. was sparked after creating and managing my own small business on etsy (for which you can still find a selection of digital art prints here). working solely online, it was easy to feel lost among the seemingly endless virtual storefront options. i felt there had to be a better way to gather multiple shops and makers, with similar missions, in a simplified one-stop-shop space. thus, bear + ivory co. was created.

after the impact of covid-19, the call to shop small was louder than ever. through supporting small businesses, like the ones we showcase, you are also supporting artists, families, and communities. with our specially curated collections, each purchase directly benefits artisans and makers everywhere. every small purchase truly makes a big difference.

through each and every purchase, you can feel good knowing you are advocating for an increased demand of eco-friendly, small batch, and handmade goods. In doing so, we are working together for a brighter, more community-minded future.

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want." -Anna Lappe


*update: due to supply chain issues and continued congestion at the port, we are operating strictly on an in-stock basis.*

All items listed at Bear + Ivory Co. are purchased, in bulk, directly from artists, makers, and fellow small business owners. This ensures that you're able to shop many different brands, without paying different shipping costs, or getting lost in the seemingly endless and overwhelming browsing of online shopping.

When it comes to purchasing items, your order will fall into one of two categories: ready-to ship or pre-order. What this means is that some products listed in the shop are on hand and ready to be sent off, while others are made-to-order, and may take a little bit longer to ship. Each individual listing will disclose if the item is in stock or pre-order status.

Operating this way keeps costs and risks low, while also aids in reducing the environmental impact of creating and shipping goods that may never get used.

Your patience, as always, is appreciated.